10 steps

1. labelling

Every item of clothing and linen is provided with a discrete label.

2. individual linen bag

Each resident has their own linen bag to collect their laundry.

3. label scanning

The label of each item of clothing to be cleaned is scanned with a scanner to register due receipt.

4. sorting

The wash is manually sorted, depending on the type of material.

5. washing

Our staff ensure that each item of clothing is washed in the correct manner. Delicates are washed separately or are dry-cleaned.

6. drying

The washed garments are then dried with care. Each type of fabric has its own drying temperature. Sensors in the tumblers prevent over-drying, so the clothes will not be damaged.

7. ironing

Then the items are ironed. For this, we use several ironing techniques.  The result is always smooth, wrinkle-free laundry.

8. scanning, folding, sorting, inspection

All items are always scanned after washing and ironing. The finished items are folded or collected on hangers per resident. During sorting, there is a final quality check. If an item is not clean enough according to our standards, it is re-washed.

9. delivery note

Each parcel is accompanied by a delivery note, which states which items have been received and which are returned to you. In the unlikely event that an item requires re-washing, this will be included in your parcel of the next delivery. The customer will always be informed via the delivery note.

10. transport/distribution

The linen coordinator will deliver the parcels to the residents’ rooms.