Logistic Services

Malysse works exclusively with its logistics sister company Vlietra, which has a fleet of 60 trucks available with which linen and medical devices  are brought to the customers daily. Everything is transported via Track and Trace systems and on temperature-controlled trucks.

Besides the linen service, Malysse also offers additional services:

Full Linen Service

Our specialised teams take care of your linen and clothing management at your establishment , 24/7. This involves ordering, distributing, etc. This extra service is obviously tailored to your requirements and talked through with you in advance. We factor in the available space, the presence of lifts, etc.

Total Warehouse Services: WIN-WIN-WIN

The Vlietra warehouses house the total stock of hospitals and nursing homes, ranging from surgical gloves, incontinence pads, right through to pen and paper. These articles can easily be ordered using the SLIM system from the department and is delivered with the linens.

This saves the customer:

  • storage space (which can be used for core-business activities);
  • intake and ordering (is done from the same SLIM system as the ordering of linen);
  • picking costs.

This saves the supplier many fragmented deliveries – the supplier can supply the Vlietra warehouses in bulk.

Combined transport with rental linen reduces the transport cost.

Malysse has over 10 years’ experience in these activities for hospitals.