Professional clothing

In addition to rented linen, Malysse also offers a wide range of professional clothing.

We have clothing for medical, paramedical, technical and kitchen staff.

In co-operation with important confectioners, a range is put together that takes the following basic requirements into account:

  • the wearer’s comfort;
  • the aesthetic aspect (look);
  • high wear resistance.

Our rental service provides an appropriate answer to the specific needs of your different departments. If you do not wish to rent, Malysse will only take care of the maintenance.

Malysse offers professional advice regarding the choice of model in line with your corporate identity and when measuring up.

Our specialised department prepares a personal and ready-made set of clothing and is on stand-by for the necessary adjustments and repairs.

Each garment has a chip which allows it to be traced throughout the laundry cycle, so that relevant user data is available at any time. The clothing management can be completely sealed and automated if the establishment chooses in favour of a clothing-dispensing-machine.  For the necessary support, you can rely on the many years which Malysse has been working with manufacturers of devices for automated clothing distribution.